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[Weekly Crypto] 2023.11.27

1️⃣ The Bitcoin Spot ETF: Benefits And Pitfalls Of Crypto-Based ETFs

Will a Cryptocurrency-based Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) ever get approved, and will it lead to a mass adoption event?

2️⃣ What Will a Post-CZ Binance Look Like?

Market experts weigh in on how the embattled exchange moves forward—will Binance’s status fall without CZ at the helm? [Decrypt]

3️⃣ Bitcoin Eyes $40K After Breaching $38K for First Time Since May 2022

The moves were expected and aren't having any immediate effect on the bitcoin price.

4️⃣ South Korea to invite 100K citizens to test CBDC in 2024

Participants will be restricted to using the CBDC only for payment, without an option to store, exchange or send it to other users.

5️⃣ Hong Kong Investment Firm Victory Securities Obtains Retail Crypto Trading License

The publicly traded company joins crypto-native firms HashKey Exchange and OSL Digital Securities with a license.

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