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[Weekly Crypto] 2023.12.04

1️⃣ Bitcoin Breaks $40K for First Time in 19 Months Amid Broader Crypto Market Rise

Ethereum also rose past $2,200 for the first time in months.

2️⃣ Bitcoin flirts with breakout, price mirrors lead-up to 2012 halving Bitcoin’s next halving is less than five months away. History says they’re bullish but will this time be different?

3️⃣ Regulatory Ease And Dollar Access To Accelerate Bitcoin Adoption In Milei’s Argentina

Due to rampant inflation and easy access, Argentina is also one of the most active markets in terms of cryptocurrency.

4️⃣ Crypto execs say the bull run is underway and could lead to $100,000 bitcoin in 2024

Executives in the cryptocurrency industry called the start of a new bull run with a growing number of voices calling for fresh all-time highs for bitcoin in 2024 above $100,000.

5️⃣ Blast from the past: 3 years on from the launch of ETH staking

The $650 million locked in Blast’s deposit contract hearkens back to 2020, when Ethereum’s Beacon Chain got under way

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