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[Weekly Crypto] 2023.12.11

1️⃣ Bitcoin dominance threatens ‘likely top’ despite BTC price eyeing $45K

Bitcoin analysis suggests that all may not be well for BTC price strength as altcoins make their move

2️⃣ Bitcoin Hype Machine Kicks Into Overdrive While Cryptocurrency Surges Past $42,000

The largest coin has notched a 2023 rally that few predicted

3️⃣ Bitcoin ETFs Got BTC Surging, but Tumbling Interest Rates Have Helped, Too

The abrupt recent turn in expectations for Federal Reserve monetary policy has helped asset prices across the board

4️⃣ Got $1 Million in Bitcoin or Tether? El Salvador Will Give You a 'Freedom Visa'

El Salvador has announced a new “freedom visa” for rich people who want to live in the Central American nation.

5️⃣ Following UK expansion, Robinhood brings crypto trading to EU

The platform has plans to include more tokens and add new features like crypto transfers, staking and learning rewards in 2024.

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