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[Weekly Crypto] 2023.12.18

1️⃣ 2024 Predictions For The Crypto Sector

2023 was a busy year for crypto, and 2024 is looking to be even more action-packed; investors of all kinds should be prepared for what is to come.

2️⃣ Gary Gensler: SEC 'Taking a New Look' at Bitcoin ETF Applications

The SEC chair stated that the regulator is reviewing spot Bitcoin ETF applications in light of a recent court ruling.

3️⃣ SEC officials meet again with spot Bitcoin ETF filers

Meetings between asset managers and the SEC intensified over the previous weeks, with Gary Gensler’s team meeting with BlackRock and Hashdex representatives

4️⃣ Here’s Everything That Happened in Bitcoin and Crypto in 2023

2023 saw Bitcoin hit $16,680, regulatory actions against Kraken and Silicon Valley Bank's collapse affecting the market.

5️⃣ JPMorgan says ether will likely outperform bitcoin next year

Ether will likely outperform bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in 2024, according to JPMorgan analysts

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