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[Weekly Crypto] 2024.01.15

1️⃣ SEC ends crypto drama by giving the green light to 11 bitcoin ETFs

The moment the crypto world wanted finally happened Wednesday. And this time it was for real.

2️⃣ Crypto Experts Who Believe SEC Will Approve Ethereum ETF

SEC's approval of 11 Bitcoin ETFs sparks Ethereum speculation, anticipating a parallel green light.

3️⃣ Spot Bitcoin ETF approved in the US: What to expect next

Industry experts predict what to expect next following the approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs in the United States.

4️⃣ Spot bitcoin ETF volumes eclipse $4.5B on first day of trading

BlackRock’s IBIT surpassed $1 billion in volume right before the close

5️⃣ New Bitcoin ETFs “democratize access to the market,” EU analyst says

Months after the EU got its first Bitcoin ETF, the U.S. joined the game, and one EU analyst speculates about the market access it could open up, along with a potential kick-off to a bull market.

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