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[Weekly Crypto] 2024.03.04

1️⃣ Bitcoin Is Hitting All-Time Highs Around the World

The U.S. economy and its dollar has enjoyed relative strength over the past few years.

2️⃣ What Investors Should Know About This Bitcoin Bull Market

Bitcoin is testing all-time-highs, with institutions driving this recent move

3️⃣ How Much Cheaper Will Dencun Really Make the Ethereum Ecosystem?

The Dencun upgrade is one developers say they’ve been "dreaming of" that will permanently revolutionize what it means to build on Ethereum.

4️⃣ Bitcoin daily withdrawals challenge records as $2B leaves exchanges

Bitcoin is exiting exchanges at the fastest pace since mid-2021 and is on track to set new historic records in U.S. dollar terms.

5️⃣ Bitcoin Bulls Target $69K Lifetime Highs Ahead of Halving

An expected pre-halving rally is a good spot to realize short-term profits, one market observer said.

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