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[Weekly Crypto] 2024.03.11

1️⃣ Bitcoin paints bull’s-eye on $100,000 before halving. Here’s what’s driving this crypto rally.

New spot bitcoin ETFs have attracted institutional inflows to the cryptocurrency

2️⃣ BlackRock Bitcoin ETF now holds more BTC than MicroStrategy

According to data from BitMEX, BlackRock's IBIT now has nearly 198,000 Bitcoin, outpacing MicroStrategy’s holdings.

3️⃣ Lightning Network's US Dollar capacity surges to all-time high as bitcoin capacity falters

Over the past month, the amount of U.S. dollars locked in payment channels in Bitcoin’s second-layer Lightning Network has surged by 37%.

4️⃣ Bitcoin ETFs Are Starting to Compete With S&P 500, Says Michael Saylor

The MicroStrategy CEO predicts Bitcoin ETF growth will soon outpace other leading ETFs.

5️⃣ Ether Hits $4K for First Time in More Than Two Years

The second-largest cryptocurrency last surpassed that level in December 2021.

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