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[Weekly Crypto] 2024.03.25

1️⃣ BlackRock Enters Asset Tokenization Race With New Fund on the Ethereum Network

The asset management giant also made a strategic investment in asset tokenization company Securitize.

2️⃣ Google quietly added ENS to Search

Searching by Ethereum address has been possible for almost a year

3️⃣ How Much Has the Ethereum Dencun Upgrade Cut Layer-2 Gas Fees?

The Dencun upgrade has made gas fees on many Ethereum layer-2 networks near-zero. But it has yet to peel users away from the costly mainnet.

4️⃣ SWIFT proposes a role for itself in a tokenized future on a unified ledger

Put the technology you already have to new use, SWIFT advised the world. It had itself in mind.

5️⃣ Japan’s Trillion Dollar Pension Fund Considers Bitcoin For Diversification

This move could set a precedent for other global pension funds, many of which are already exploring or have integrated bitcoin-related assets into their portfolios.

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