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[Weekly Crypto] 2024.04.08

1️⃣ Crypto Trading Volume Reached All-Time High During March Rally

Spot trading volume doubled to $2.94 trillion in March

2️⃣ How This Halving Will Impact Bitcoin

The halving is coming quickly, and crypto investors should be prepared for the short term and long term effects of this event

3️⃣ New users flock to Ethereum while long-term holders are less active than ever

The supply of ether that has been moved in the past one year, three years, and five years is currently at its lowest recorded level, according to The Block’s data.

4️⃣ Hong Kong Welcomes Crypto With New Initiative For Stablecoin Issuers

Hong Kong crypto adoption is taking another leap forward at ZA Bank, where executives are in talks to start providing direct banking services to several stablecoin issuers.

5️⃣ Bitcoin halving will have to battle with ‘weak time of year’ — Coinbase

Coinbase explained that total crypto volumes are slowing down due to the market attempting “to find the next narrative to power it higher.”

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