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[Weekly Crypto] 2024.04.15

weekly crypto

1️⃣ BlackRock’s spot bitcoin ETF crosses $15 billion in total inflows

BlackRock’s IBIT spot bitcoin ETF has reached $15 billion in total inflows just three months after the fund began trading.

2️⃣ 'China is about to start bidding' — Will Hong Kong Bitcoin ETFs spark the halving rally?

Mega whales with over 10,000 BTC are accumulating ahead of Hong Kong’s approval of the first spot Bitcoin ETFs that could happen next week.

3️⃣ Ethereum's Pectra upgrade to bring smart contract functionality to wallets as experts debate EIP-3074

Ethereum developers have set EIP-3074, which brings smart contract-like functionality to wallets, for inclusion in Ethereum’s next upgrade, nicknamed Pectra.

4️⃣ Stablecoins Are Beneficial to U.S. Economy, Tether's Custodian Says

Stablecoins boost demand for U.S. Treasury notes, Howard Lutnick, the CEO of Tether custodian Cantor Fitzgerald, said.

5️⃣ Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Hits All-Time High One Week Before Halving

Mining Bitcoin is now more difficult than ever before—just in time for the long-awaited halving event next week.

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