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[Weekly Crypto] 2024.04.29

1️⃣ Bitcoin’s daily transactions reach new record high

The Bitcoin network surpassed 926,000 daily transactions, driven by a growing interest in Runes.

2️⃣ Successful Hong Kong crypto ETF flows would pale in comparison to US funds

The projected medium-term $1 billion inflow total for the Hong Kong crypto funds would represent about 2% of the region’s ETF market

3️⃣ CryptoPunk Sells for $12.4 Million in Ethereum—One of the Biggest NFT Sales Ever

The CryptoPunks NFT was the third ultra-rare Alien Punk to sell for over $10 million worth of Ethereum in the last two months alone.

4️⃣ Visa provides stablecoin analytics dashboard with ‘noise’ filtered out

The financial services giant wants to make data about stablecoin usage clear and accessible, which requires some processing.

5️⃣ The Key to Reviving Bitcoin Bull Run is the U.S. Treasury’s Refunding Announcement

Risk assets will likely rally if the TGA estimate is maintained at or lowered from the current $750 billion, one observer said.

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