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[Weekly Crypto] 2024.05.07

1️⃣ Bitcoin Mining Profitability Hits An All Time Low, But Here’s Who Is Still Thriving

Public Bitcoin Miners Are Starting To Sweat

2️⃣ Bitcoin Runes reclaim dominance over BTC transactions

Runes recovered to account for the lion’s share of transactions on the Bitcoin network.

3️⃣ Long-Term Bitcoin Investors Have Returned To HODLing: Report

Bitcoin whales eagerly bought the latest dip, and long-term investors are now patiently awaiting the next leg up.

4️⃣ Why Asset Tokenization Is Inevitable

On-chain real-world assets and the integration of wallet infrastructure will replace intermediarie

5️⃣ SEC punts Galaxy spot Ethereum ETF decision to July

The Securities and Exchange Commission has delayed making a decision on Invesco Galaxy’s application for an Ether ETF, with the next deadline on July 5.

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