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[Weekly Crypto] 2024.05.13

1️⃣ Stablecoins Are Growing, And The Visa Report Proves It

Digging deeper past the headlines reveal how important such developments are for crypto at large, and stablecoins specifically.

2️⃣ Will Vitalik Buterin’s Gas Fee Proposal Make Ethereum More Like Solana?

The Ethereum co-founder is proposing some significant changes to the network’s gas fee structure. Would it make it more like its chief competitor?

3️⃣ Is China warming up to Bitcoin ETFs? BTC investor’s reply sparks curiosity

The trade agreements between China and Hong Kong could allow mainland investors to access spot BTC ETFs in Hong Kong.

4️⃣ Bitcoin mining difficulty drops 6% in largest fall since bear market lows

This latest difficulty adjustment is the largest drop since December 2022, when bitcoin was trading for around $17,000.

5️⃣ What Technical Analysis Tells Us About the Bitcoin Market

The recent downturn in BTC may have some way to travel, according to Katie Stockton, Managing Partner of Fairlead Strategies.

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