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[Weekly Crypto] 2024.05.20

1️⃣ US Treasury strategy would tighten virtual asset regulations, increase AI use

The Treasury’s fight against illicit finance will focus on better regulations, greater enforcement and AI.

2️⃣ Time Is Running Out in the Hunt for Rare Bitcoin

A small band of collectors is finding and collecting rare fragments of bitcoin worth many times the face value. But their window of opportunity is closing.

3️⃣ Bitcoin Is Booming, Hits Highest Price Since the Halving

The price of Bitcoin just touched its highest point since last month's halving, hitting a level not seen in more than a month.

4️⃣ Ghana, Singapore conduct trade in semi-fungible token pilot project

Project DESFT is meant to encourage trade between small businesses using a CBDC and a stablecoin, emphasizing credentialing.

5️⃣ Crypto Industry Rallies Behind House Bill as It Heads Toward Final Vote

The so-called FIT21 legislation to establish a U.S. regulatory regime for digital assets is set for a floor vote next week, and the sector is telling House leaders the effort is "crucial."

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