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[Weekly Crypto] 2024.05.27

1️⃣ SEC approves 8 Ethereum ETFs including BlackRock and Fidelity

This comes just four months after the agency approved spot Bitcoin ETFs for the first time.

2️⃣ SEC’s ETF decision means ETH and ’a lot’ of other tokens are not securities

That doesn’t mean the securities regulator can’t still pursue action against actors in the staking domain, industry analysts and lawyers warn.

3️⃣ Gensler Says 'Stay Tuned' on U.S. SEC's Decision on ETH ETF

The SEC faces a Thursday deadline for at least one of the spot ether ETF applications it's reviewing.

4️⃣ Bitcoin Support to Arrive in MetaMask Within a Month, Here’s All

MetaMask to integrate Bitcoin support, enhancing wallet utility for over 30 million users and simplifying cryptocurrency management.

5️⃣ How Blockchain is Reshaping Supply Chains Beyond Finance

The benefits of transparency, security, and efficiency could be useful in dozens of industries when sourcing and managing supply chains, says Julie Lamb, Head of Events at Crypto Mondays.

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