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[Weekly Crypto] 2024.06.03

1️⃣ Crypto 're-staking' platforms boom as traders chase bigger returns

Crypto "re-staking" platforms attract rapid inflows

2️⃣ Ether Spot ETFs to See Much Lower Demand Than Bitcoin Versions, JPMorgan Says

Ether spot ETFs could attract as much as $3 billion of net inflows this year, the report said.

3️⃣ Crypto exchanges see $3B Ethereum exit since ETF approvals

Only 10.6% of the total Ether supply is currently on centralized crypto exchanges, its lowest level in years.

4️⃣ Bitcoin sets the stage for a potential “destruction of fiat currency“

Bitcoin price action against the US Money Stock is similar to the 1970s Stagflation Era, according to Peter Brandt's recent tweet.

5️⃣ Bitcoin ETFs are an 'astonishing success,' Goldman Sachs executive says

Goldman's global head of digital assets talked about the future of crypto

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