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[Weekly Crypto] 2024.06.10

1️⃣ Real-World Asset Tokenization Take the Lead as Best Performing Crypto Sector in May

Real-world asset (RWA) tokenization outperformed other crypto sectors in May with a 58% performance.

2️⃣ US elections are a ‘huge variable’ for Solana ETF approval

The approval of spot Ether ETFs has opened Pandora’s box for another altcoin ETF. Solana, XRP, Chainlink or Dogecoin could be next, but is the crypto market overly optimistic?

3️⃣ Gary Gensler Is Now Being Asked About Bonk ETFs Following Ethereum Approvals

SEC Chair Gary Gensler took a less hostile approach to crypto in a new interview following Ethereum ETF approvals—and was asked what's next.

4️⃣ Ether Spot ETFs to See Much Lower Demand Than Bitcoin Versions, JPMorgan Says

Ether spot ETFs could attract as much as $3 billion of net inflows this year, the report said.

5️⃣ Bitcoin And The Future Of The Lightning Network

A key factor in the effectiveness of the Lightning Network is liquidity, which ensures that transactions can be processed smoothly and efficiently.

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