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[Weekly Crypto] 2024.06.17

1️⃣ Why tokenized real-world assets are soaring

Tokenized real-world assets have surged to a capitalization of $8 billion, outpacing Bitcoin and Ether in both market performance and volatility-adjusted returns.

2️⃣ Ethereum ETFs Likely to Launch This Summer, Says SEC's Gensler

Gary Gensler expects spot Ethereum ETFs to go live in the U.S. this summer, but still won't answer on the security vs. commodity question.

3️⃣ TON is paving a path to the future for crypto

TON's integration with Telegram has made it easier for users to use crypto to pay for goods and services — without realizing it involves blockchain.

4️⃣ Why The U.S. Should Focus On Bitcoin Mining Policy

Former President Trump's recent statements advocating for all remaining bitcoin to be mined in the U.S. highlight a significant shift towards a more pro-crypto stance, raising questions about feasibility and broader market implications.

5️⃣ T-Mobile owner Deutsche Telekom will soon mine Bitcoin in addition to running nodes

The head of Web3 infrastructure at Deutsche Telekom's T-Systems MMS announced at BTC Prague that the company, which already operates nodes for multiple networks, will soon start mining Bitcoin.

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